Salento is the most oriental region of Italy, a border land, like a balcony that faces two seas. If we consider Italy like a boot, Salento is the strip of land that forms the heel of this “boot”. Its  territory begins where the hills of the Valle d’Itria (Itria Valley) end. From there, a long flat tongue of land starts dividing  two seas: the Adriatic to the east, the Ionian to the west.

Salento, the land of the sun, the wind and the sea, is home to some of Italy’s loveliest towns and cities: the sea front gems  of Gallipoli and Otranto, the Florence of the South Lecce, the most extreme point of Italy Santa Maria di Leuca also known as Finis Terrae, the Grecìa Salentina which preserves throught its local dialect (the Grico) and its gastronomic, cultural and religious traditions the Salento strong connections with Greece, dating back thousands of years.

There are almost no industry enterprises on the peninsula, it is an agricultural region, whose inhabitants are proud to grow organic products. Salento produces enourmous quantities of excellent olive oil, full- bodied robust wines and cheese which are exported around the world. Local cuisine is known as a top quality food, whether it is pasta or risotto, vegetables or fish, sweets or wine, pizza or seafood… it is always a great taste and high quality with very attractive prices.

In recent years,  this wonderful land  has been recognized as a popular holiday destination for its incredible variety of landscapes especially on the coast:  paradisiacal sandy beaches, Karstic Grottoes, chalk cliffs, salt water lagoons, natural parks … In the inland,  numerous small urban centers, which are of great educative value and tourist interest, and a variety of churches, cathedrals, villas, palaces and farms, scattered throughout Salento, deserve attention as well.

Salento, of course,  is not only a warm sun, crystal sea and divine gastronomy, it is also a treasury of history, culture, natural resources, arts and culinary traditions that has recently attracted the interest and attention also from foreign tourists. Hospitality and cordiality of the local people of the peninsula, the exquisite aroma of Mediterranean cuisine, pristine nature, combined with modern hotel services for every taste make it an ideal place to spend time. Climate, landscapes and art, a strong connection with the traditions make Salento an attractive land that will forever remain in the memory and in the hearts of travelers. So, if you search for a holiday destination with wonderful weather, dreamy beaches, beautiful historic towns, delicious food and wine, and fun for all the family… come to Salento!